Scratch-szerű programozási környezetek

Többféle továbbfejlesztése van ennek a vizualitásra épülő fejlesztői környezetnek.

  • BYOB/Snap!BYOB is an advanced Scratch Modification with lambdas, first class data, procedures, recursion, and many other features. Version 4.0 was renamed Snap! and was rewritten in JavaScript, and is thus no longer considered a Scratch modification.
  • Stencyl: Slightly more advanced editing features
  • Alice: Alice features 3D projects. This is much harder than 2D Scratch programming because you learn about 3D programming: occlusion, vectors, etc. are important topics.
  • Android App Inventor: The Android App Inventor by Google allows Android app creating with a simple, Scratch-like interface. In fact, it was based on Scratch and coded by a team at MIT.
  • Starlogo-TNG: Supports 3D models and terrain. Block-based, and meant for simulations and education purposes. Created by the MIT STEP group.
  • Etoys
  • Gamefroot: An online game creation software for creating side-scrolling games. It has a drag and drop block editor for advanced scripting.
  • DesignBlocks: Online, based on Scratch, TurtleArt and Processing. Developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab.

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